Extreme Flight 60″ Extra 300-EXP Red/White/Black


טיסן 3d חשמלי.

  • מבנה עץ/קרבון עמיד.
  • כיסויי כנפיים והגאים.
  • כולל לוח שעונים ובובת טייס.
  • מייצב כיוון פריק להובלה קלה.
  • איבזור מושלם ברמה הגבוהה ביותר.
  • כני נסע וצינורות חיבור עשויים קארבון


קטגוריה: , מקט: 232RW



Wingspan: 60 inches
Length: 58.5 inches
Wing Area: 705 sq. in.
Weight: 5 – 6lbs

Power System

Motor: Torque 4016/500 MKII Outrunner
ESC: Airboss 80
Prop: Xoar 16 x 7
Battery: 6S 3300- 4000mAh LiPo


Spinner: 63 mm


Modern 5 channel computer radio


Servos: Qty. 4 metal geared mini servos (Hitec 5245, 7245, JR 3711, etc.)

Servo Arms

Servo Arms: Qty. 4 Light Weight EF Servo Arms – 1.25″

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 6 inch 28 AWG for ailerons
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 18 inch 28 AWG for rudder and elevator

The second aircraft to be released in the new 60 inch EXP series is the Extra 300. A highly refined and updated version of our best selling original 58 inch Extra, the new 60 inch version includes all of the updates and ‘tweaks” that have made our EXP series aircraft such a success.

A longer, taller fuselage with a forward canopy placement allows the Extra to track like a pattern plane and makes knife edge flight effortless. The huge EXP style elevator and rudder provide amazing pitch and yaw authority which allow the Extra to perform all of the latest 3D maneuver variations and give you the capability to develop your own new maneuvers. With the control throws dialed back the Extra is one of the most capable precision aerobatic aircraft available and its low wing loading makes it a great sport flyer.

The Extra features the world renowned Extreme Flight interlocking laser cut structure with G10 landing gear reinforcement and carbon fiber fuselage longerons. Airfoiled carbon fiber landing gear, carbon fiber wing tube and carbon fiber tailwheel assembly are all included along with a complete hardware package, wing bags and a decal sheet. The canopy is pre-mounted at the factory and ready for use out of the box. The Cowl and wheel pants feature beautiful paint work and the 2 available Ultracote color schemes are expertly applied and highly visible in the air.

The Extra arrives highly pre-fabricated and can be ready for flight in as little as 4 hours depending on your experience level. Extreme Flight offers the Extra in a combo with the Torque 4016T/500 and Airboss Elite 80 Amp ESC. This is the power unit the Extra was designed around and will deliver all the power you need for any maneuver you can dream up.

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