טיסן 3d למנועי 35-40 סמ”ק.

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קטגוריה: , מקט: 3DHS-Edge540-R



Wingspan: 74″
Length: 68″
Wing Area: 1000 Sq. Inches
Weight: 9.5-11 lbs.


25-35CC Gas (DLE-30 Recommended)
1.50-2.10 Glow (Mount not included in kit)

Gas Prop:

20×6 Xoar Sword
Vess Aero 19A
Vess Aero 20A
Fuel dot or Fuel filler
Fuel line

Electric Motor

Xpwr 30cc with 12S 3300-3700 mAh 18×10, 19×8 or 20×8 prop
Hacker A50-12L with 6S 5000-5800 mAh 19×10 or 20×10 prop
Hacker A50-14L with 8S 3500-4400 mAh 18×8 or 19×8 prop
Hacker A60-6XS with 6S 5000-5800 mAh 20×10 prop
Hacker A60-5S with 8S 4000-5000 mAh 20×10 prop

Castle Creations Edge 100
Castle Creations Edge HV-80
Castle Creations Talon 90
QTY 4 Hitec HS-985MG (Good)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-5565MH (Better)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-5585MH (Better)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-7985MG (Better)
QTY 4 Hitec HS-7955TG (Best)

QTY 1 standard throttle servo if needed. NOTE: Mini-servos have a short life span as throttle servos in this application, use with caution.


QTY 2 24″ Elevator and Rudder
QTY 2 12″ Ailerons
QTY 2 4-6″ Ailerons (receiver side)
QTY 1 18″ Throttle servo



Scott Stoops has delivered another outstanding Edge 540 design, this time in 74″ wingspan for 26-35CC gas or 6S-8S Electric power, or even 1.50-2.10 glow.

This Edge takes its styling cues from the awesome pylon racing Edges of the last few seasons, but its aerodynamics are optimized for aerobatics and post-stall 3D flight. All of the features pilots have come to expect a Stoops design: low coupling, excellent harrier, crisp precision – they are all here in a fantastic looking and easy-to-assemble package.

The Edge uses 4 full size metal gear servos, plus a throttle servo if needed. A second elevator servo may also be installed to balance a very heavy gasoline engine. All ball-link hardware is included, along with carbon landing gear attached to a fiberglass/carbon reinforced plate, wing bags, genuine ultracote covering, carbon wing tube, locking hatch latch, carbon-reinforced fuselage, aluminum axles, carbon tail wheel, and more.

For gas power, the 74″ Edge is set up for the DLE-30 engine, and includes a firewall-drilling template for that engine and uses the standoffs included with the latest version of the DLE-30 engine. If you are not using a DLE-30, you will have to supply the correct length standoffs and drill your firewall accordingly for your particular engine.

We recommend the DLE-30 Rear-Carb engine for this aircraft, with a 20×6 (or Vess 19A or 20A) prop.

The 74″ Edge includes a generic fuel tank, but the FlowMaster tank is a great upgrade.

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